"and" to you PIERCE (GOLD)


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Item description
Introducing COMMUSE's new original earrings.

The original resized Kihei chain and and motif are now on the left and right earrings.
Even if you attach both ears, you can attach your favorite design with just one ear,
It is a playful design that you can enjoy combining.
COMMUSE's original chain is made with attention to detail and a smooth feel when you hold it in your hand.
This time, we have prepared 3 colors (gold, silver, and ash silver) so that you can easily choose according to your style.
Available in unisex.

Brass/tin alloy

A craftsman polishes it carefully one by one and finishes it.

Country of origin
made in Japan

width 9mm
and pierce length 63mm
Kihei chain earrings length 70 mm

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